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If you were to ask the folks at Planting Seeds Records and their friends what CD's they are currently listening to (you know, their Top selections), this is what they would say.

SAM NELSON (Los Angeles, Singer/Songwriter H Is Orange, etc)

1. Bloc Party - "Silent Alarmt"
2. Hot Chip - "The Warning"
3. Los Super Elegantes - "Channelizing Paradise"
4. Keren Ann - "Nolitat"
5. Circa Survive - "Jutuna"
6. Built To Spill - "Time Trap
7. Regina Spektor - "Begin To Hope"
8. Little Plastic Pilots - "S/T"
9. Mellodrone - "1st EP"
10.Feature Presentation - To You The Past And The Questions Left Unanswered"

SCOTT MEIGGS (Sunday Smoke Kit)

1. Sophia - "Technology Won't Save Us"
2. The Black Angels - "Passover"
3. Karen Dalton - "In My Own Time"
4. Bert Jansch - "Black Swan"
5. The Fall - "Live At The Witch Trials"
6. Incredible String Band - "S/T"
7. The Divine Comedy - "Munich 9.10.2006, Kleine Elserhalle"WWI"
8.Patterson Hood - "8-19-2006 Private Party Ashville, NC"
9. William Elliott Whitmore - "Song Of The Blackbird"
10. Centro-Matic - "10th Anniversary Show"


KELLY HAIGH(Ashley Park)

Top ten songs...starting at ten...(there was a tie, so there are two top tens!!!)

10. My 63... Neko Case.
10.Shattered the Rolling Stones.
9.Love in the hot afternoon" by ...Gene Watson
8.Older Guys Gram Parsons
7.Evangeline... the band, (with EmmyLou)
6.That's all it took.. GramParsons/EmmyLouHarri
5.Please Break My Heart... Thad Cockrell & CaitlynCarey
4.Favorite, by Neko Case.
3.Folk Jam by Pavement
2.Just Like Tom Thumb BLues... Bob Dylan
1.FoxConfessorBrings the FLood... Neko Case.



Special Thanks to all those that stopped by and took part in past BOOMBOX lists: Mike Downey (ex Wolfie/National Splits), Tony Paglia (The Orchid Pool), Matt Dauer (Indie Rock Promoter), Crystal Shatzoff (Planting Seeds Records), William Harris (Music Writer), Jenn Turrell (Boyracer, etc), Jason Taylor & Polly Hanson (Gritty Kitty), Tracy Shedd (Teenbeat Records artist), Evelyn Pope (Ashby), Jason MacIssac (The Heavy Blinkers), David Klotz (Fonda), Joe Kelley (The Bedroom Set), Paula Kelley & Aaron Tap, Pete Hoffman (The Mendoza Line), Melissa Kramer/Neal Ramirez/Jayme Guokas (The Snow Fairies), Steve Frank (Planting Seeds Records), Steve Cutter (webmaster, Mark Renfro (Planting Seeds Records), Linda Draper, William Hickey (Planting Seeds Records), Kevin Corrie (Planting Seeds Records), Angelo DelParto (Planting Seeds Records) Angelique Everett (Astropop 3), Dan Villanueva (Astropop 3), Souvenir, Winterbrief, and all others who stopped by and told us what they were listening too, who are not currently on this list!


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