1. Can You Rescue Me
  2. Strange Girl
  3. Feel So Good
  4. Jackass
  5. Stories By A Fire
  6. Hint of Summertime
  7. Lost Without A Trace
  8. Angel I'll Call You
  9. Smiles and Silver Lakes
  10. Monk on a Mountaiin
  11. Another Saturday Ruined
  12. Get It Together
  13. Julia


Sunday Smoke Kit
“Uncertain Smiles”

Released January 2000
Produced by Xavier Pelleuf

The third release from Scott Meiggs and Co. Essentially consisting of outtakes the band recorded from 1997-1999. The track listing also featured current recorded sessions including Angelo DelParto's keyboard driven "Hint of Summertime." The bulk of the Bass playing duties were handled by William Hickey replacing Paul Santos in the band's line-up. William would also be part of the bands live show now also including Dan Villanueva on lead guitar.

Splendid / February 28, 2000

"…SSK's music is jangly, upbeat pop that should appeal to fans of Belle and Sebastian, the Apples in Stereo and even My Bloody Valentine…I enjoyed it." - GZ