1. The National Splits - Holiday Tune in F#
  2. Tracy Shedd - I Will Keep You Warm
  3. Linda Draper - Merry Christmas
  4. Xavier Pelleuf - White Christmas
  5. Language of Flowers - Christmas


Various Artists
“Christmas With Planting Seeds Records”

Released November 2002
Produced by Neil DelParto

Planting Seeds' very favorite time of year! This was the second of what was suppose to be a yearly compilation. It features the first appearance on a Planting Seeds' release by NYC folk chanteuse Linda Draper. It also features a rare and previously unreleased track by Teenbeat recording artist Tracy Shedd. Scott Meiggs does a rare duet and Scotland's Language of Flowers makes an appearance with their instrumental "Christmas." Holiday Cheer indeed.

(unknown source)

This 2002 acoustic pop holiday EP comes after the label's Christmas Underground compilation of a few seasons back, four original tunes plus Xavier Pelleuf's singalong version of "White Christmas." "Holiday Tune in F#" by The National Splits humorously touches on "smoking in the bathroom" and "doing shots with Uncle Jim." Tracy Shedd's "I Will Keep You Warm" isn't really a holiday tune, but the ballad does kind of fit among the other songs. Linda Draper channels Joni Mitchell on "Merry Xmas," a nostalgic mourning of lost love. Language of Flowers wraps things up with "Christmas," a dirge-y electro-pop instrumental number.