A Little while ago, we at Planting Seeds & Bumblebear all got together and decided what a grand idea it would be to gather our friends and record a compilation dedicated to the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas!  What we got in the process were 23 great yuletide songs, from the familiar traditional holiday favorites to some new gems we know everyone will enjoy for years to come!  What we called it was simply: "Christmas Underground."  Happy Holidays Folks!


Catalog Numbers:  (bBR 40/PSRCD-022)
Release Date: December 2001
Executive Producers: Jimmy Hughes & Neil DelParto
Sequencing/Mastering: Jimmy Hughes & bumbleBEAR Co.
Sleeve Design: Summerpop Designs

2001 bumbleBEAR & Planting Seeds Records.  Manufactured by bumbleBEAR Records.

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Santa Claus, Rankin/Bass, Steve Frank, Susan & Ken Emrich, Aaron Tap, Ad Boc, Terry Miles, the Entire bumbleBear & Planting Seeds Collective, Paige Davis, 321 Bulb Records, Twee Kitten, Clairecords, Carrot Top, Joe Kelley, and All our friends and families...Merry Christmas to all!




1.  The Dupont Circles Christmas message (Michael Bennet)




The Wee Turtles

2.  The Wee Turtles "By Golly, They've Dehydrated Christmas!"

Written & Produced by The Wee Turtles.  The Wee Turtles have also appeared on Kindercore Records "Christmas in Stereo 2" from 1999. Check out their releases on Pitch-A-Tent Records.  Check out the bands website.


Alex Sharkey Of Pinkie, Photo courtesy of Shelflife Records.


3.  Pinkie "Prentend Like It's Christmas Day"

Written & Produced by Alex Sharkey.  Alex has just released his debut EP "My Little Experiment."  check out the Planting Seeds Catalogue for more details.



Paula Kelley: Photo by Liz Linder


4.  Paula Kelley "Blue Christmas"

Written by Hayes/Johnson, Produced by Paula Kelley.  "Nothing/Everything is Paula's current release out on Stop, Pop, And Roll Records.  For more information on Paula Kelley, please visit her website at: www.paulakelley.com



Sinkcharmer Photo courtesy of Sinkcharmer.com


5.  Message from Paul Coleman (Sinkcharmer)...

6.  Sinkcharmer "Stars In Winter"

Written & Produced by Paul Coleman/Sinkcharmer.  For more info on their current release "Stars In Winter," please visit: www.sinkcharmer.com



Michael Downey of National Splits

7.  The National Splits "Let's Wrap Each Other"

Written & Recorded by Michael Downey.  Michael is a former member of Illinoise fave band Wolfie.  Check out his current project The National Splits!


(L to R) Mark Ramsey & Joe Kelley of The Bedroom Set.  

8.  The Bedroom Set w/ Angelique Everett "Mele Kaliki Maka"

Written by R. Alex Anderson, Produced by the Bedroom Set.  The Bedroom set have recently released their debut LP "Meet The Bedroom Set" currently out on Cherry Coated Records.  visit them online at: thebedroomset.com



The Magic Tennies.  Photo courtesy of Lizeth.

9.  Lizeth & Gabe's Greeting

10. Magic Tennies "Parasol's On A Hot Winter Day"

Written & Produced by the Magic Tennies.  For more details on the band, please visit their site at:  http://www.spineless.com/tennies.html



The Smoke Kit (L to R) Jeff , Mark , Neil - not pictured Dan.  Photo by Steve Frank.


11. Sunday Smoke Kit "God & Holidays"

Written by J.S. Meiggs, Produced by Xavier Pelleuf.  The band has a variety of releases on Planting Seeds Records.  For more information of Sunday Smoke Kit visit their official site

12. Mark's Greeting



Jean Sheppard not Christmas Ape...or is it?

13. Christmas Ape "...Goes To The North pole"

Written, Produced, & Performed by Christmas Ape.  email the band at: i_am_christmas_ape@hotmail.com

14. Planting Seeds Records Greeting

Astropop leader Dan Villanueva.  Photo by Steve Frank.

15.  Astropop 3 "Little Drummer Boy"

Written by Davis/Onorati/Simeone.  Produced by Dan Villanueva.  Recorded in Virginia Beach, VA.  For more information on the band please visit: astropop3.com


The Orchid Pool Ornament.  Courtesy of Tony Paglia Collection.

16.  The Orchid Pool "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"

Written by Sears & Willis.  Produced and performed by The Orchid Pool.  Courtesy of Whirlygig Records.  For more details, please stop by:  theorchidpool.com


The kids from Miss July courtesy of Campbell Austin. 


17. Miss July "First Noel Revised" 

Traditional song with new lyrics by Miss July.  Tallahassee Florida band led by Campbell Austin.  Check out more at:  http://www.geocities.com/missjulyrock/


Jimmy & his Boys' Star Library.  Photo courtesy of the bumbleBEAR archives. 

18.  The Boys' Star Library "Mary Where'd You Go?"

Written & Performed by The Boys' Star Library.  For info on Jimmy Hughes' excellent band, visit:  bumblebear.com

19.  Andrew from The Boys' Star Library



((( Dipstick, Eggnog...is that right?)))

20.  Dipstick & Eggnog "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't"

Written & Performed by Dipstick & Eggnog.  For info, please visit bumblebear.com


(((Photo of Michael Gentry coming soon!)))

21.  Michael's  Christmas Message

22.  Michael Gentry "At Christmas Time" 

Written & performed by Michael Gentry.  Michael appears courtesy of 321bulbrecords.  Check out all things new with Mr. Gentry!



Terry Miles of Ashley Park.  Photo courtesy of Kindercore Records.

23.  Ashley Park "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

Traditional song, arranged by Terry Miles/Ashley Park, Vancouver, CA.  Terry has many great records out.  Check it all out at ashleypark.net


Photo of Seasick Crocodile courtesy of Robbie.


24.  Robbie's Message

25.  Seasick Crocodile "Christmas spent in the Hospital"

Written, Performed & Produced by Seasick Crocodile.  For more information, please check out: http://www.spineless.com/_croc.html


New Jersey's The Echo Orbiter.  Photo courtesy of Just Emerle.

26.  The Echo Orbiter "Christmas In Paris"

Written & Produced by The Echo Orbiter.  For more releases and general information, visit: http://echoorbiter.homestead.com/echo.html 




27.  Patrick Carney (Of Churchbuilder) The Electro Years "Eurotrash Christmas (Make-Out Mix)"

Written and performed by Patrick Carney.  For more information on Patrick and his band Churchbuilder, please visit Shelflife Records



Capsela live September '01.  Photo by Steve Frank.

28.  Capsela "Christmas Don't Be Late" 

Written by Bagdasarian, Produced by Paige and Jay.  Check out Capsela on the web at:  http://www.netspace.org/~paige/capsela/


Jumprope photo by Tom Evans.

29.  Jumprope "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

Written by Martin & Blaine.  Produced by Jumprope.  Recorded at the Jumprope Home Studio, Waltham, MA.  for more info: jumprope.net


(L to R) Jay, Dave, & Brett.  Photo by Paige Davis.

30.  The Good Way message from Jay W.  

Virginia Beach based "acoustic Theater Pop!"  band featuring Jay Wertz & David Beloff.



31.  The Otter Pops "Brothers"

Taken from the Jim Henson TV Special:  "Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas."  Arranged by The Otter Pops.

Polaroid shot of Bugs Eat Books.  Photo courtesy of Bumblebear Records.

32.  Bugs eat Books "Waiting On The Sun"  

Written by Bugs eat Books.  For more information on the band, please check out bumbleBEAR Records

33. Jon's message

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