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Planting Seeds Records began it's musical journey in the spring of 1998 as a vehicle to release our own original music from the variety of projects that we were involved with: Sunday Smoke Kit, Astropop 3, Xavier Pelleuf, etc. A collective of musicians: myself, Neil DelParto, and William Hickey, were the foundation of the label. While we had been making our own records for years (First releasing DIY cassette LP's in the late 1980's - which were almost exclusively passed around amongst our circle of friends) the advent of the Internet allowed us to expand, bringing our sounds to a larger, more visible scale. Although fame and riches would be nice, the ultimate motive for the label has always been our love of listening to and making music. We were and still are obsessive music fans and this ultimately influenced us to release records by a number of artists and friends whom we've truly admired. The aesthetic of Planting Seeds Records has always revolved around releasing timeless music that transcends genre. From folk to rock, country, or anywhere in between, Planting Seeds will continue to bring you the best in essential listening. Enjoy our continuing story.

- Jeffrey Scott Meiggs co-founder Planting Seeds Records

Demo Policy

We are always looking out for fresh and exciting music. Listening to your music is an important part of that process. We listen to everything that is sent to us. Before you put that package in the post, it is important that you understand the following: -We're a small independent company - and unfortunately we don't always have the opportunity to respond to everyone who sends us their music. If you don't hear from us, it almost certainly means that for any number of reasons our interest wasn't aroused by what you sent - as good as it may be, we aren't always able to release all the records we enjoy. If your music has blown us away, you can be sure to hear from us. After all, that's what we're here to do! - The most important factor is you must have a good understanding of our label's history and our musical interests. If you're not familiar with the label, please take the opportunity to look around while you're here and read up on some of the bands/artists/projects that we've worked with in the past. -Music via the internet - links to sites, MP3's via email will actually be deleted. We love getting packages in the mail - the old fashion - We know it's more cost effective for you, but we make it a point to get a better understanding about an artist with the packages they send - it's also a good time to showcase your creative style -When sending submissions please insure you have included the standard details expected, a CD alone with a note simply will not do. Make sure you've included at a minimum a one-sheet press/bio/description of your band and music. Photographs are also a plus! If you feel that your music may be appropriate for PSR, please send CD / vinyl / cassette to :

Planting Seeds Records A & R
BOX 64665