Astropop 3 Back With a New Life?

Has it really been over two years since the last Astropop 3 release? The bands last LP "Allies & Stepping Stones" was released to worldwide acclaim back in January of 2004. So it comes as no surprise that Dan V. and Co. reappear with another fine side of the AP3 brand name, complete with lap steel guitar, air organs, harmonies galore, acoustic guitars and more!. The new single, "Life" (PSRCD-051) is due out May 2006 - the title track is from their upcoming appearance on the latest Planting Seeds' release "Easy To Be Free: The Songs of Rick Nelson" (PSRCD-046) - the remaining two tracks showcase Dan's top notch pop writing sensibilities...All just a taste of what's to come! You can bet another collection of AP3/Dan V is on the way! For a preview of this single and other new releases from Planting Seeds, please visit the ever so trendy - it'll be up shortly...For more information visit

Jim Reid Live In Nottingham 04.15.06

NOTTINGHAM, UK - For those awaiting the Freeheat "Back On The Water" LP along with the next Jim Reid solo single (due out June 2006 via Transistor Records, UK) - Make it a point to see the former Jesus & Mary Chain/Freeheat vocalist/guitarist and living legend, perform with his band - consisting of Phil King (ex Lush - Guitar), Loz Colbert (ex Ride - Drums), and Mark Crozer (Bass). Jim and Co. played at the Social in Nottingham on April 15, 2006. The set included some Jesus & Mary Chain tracks, Freeheat, and some newer material. In for good measure the set opens with a great reading of Bob Dylan's "If You Gotta Go, Go Now."

Jim Reid Photo ©2006 Sabrina Paes:

Set List: 1. "If You Gotta Go, Go Now" 2. "Band Broke Down" 3. "Dead End Kids" 4. "Song For A Secret" 5. "Fucked Up Lover" 6. "Love On The Ground" 7. "Back On The Water" 8. "K Moon" 9. "Mo Tucker" 10. "War On Peace" 11. "The Perfect Crime" 12. "45 rpm" 13. "Stranded 14. Dead End Kids"

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Above Photo (L to R: Jim Reid and Phil King) ©2006 Courtesy of Trev/

Linda Draper Is Unfinished

The Latest interview with NYC folk chanteuse Linda Draper is up for your reading pleasure via Unfinished magazine. Check it out here. She chats about her upcoming EP, new favorite artists, Phil Ochs, her new LP and more. Go on and read it!

Pinkie Myspaced

Pinkie has now gotten on the pop culture bandwagon known as You can now check out sound samples and news bits that complement the Pinkie official site. check it out at In other Pinkie news, Alex continues work on his latest LP recordings. As usual, more news coming shortly on all!

Planting Seeds Salutes Rock/Country-Rock Pioneer Rick Nelson

Due out Spring 2006 is Planting Seeds Records latest Various Artists compilation. "Easy To Be Free: The Songs of Rick Nelson" (PSRCD-046) is 20 tracks paying tribute to underrated Rock & Roll/Country Rock pioneer Rick Nelson. The LP includes a wide array of artists from friends to great singer/songwriter/bands. The set Features exclusive tracks from Marshall Crenshaw, Linda Draper, Astropop 3, 1888, The Primary 5 (Paul Quinn of Teenage Fanclub), John Beland (Rick Nelson/The Flying Burrito Brothers, etc.), Nic Dalton (from The Lemonheads)& The Gloomchasers, Liz Durrett (Vic Chesnutt), Dolorean (Yep Roc Records), Jeffrey Foskett (The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson), Oed Ronne (from The Ocean Blue), Allen Clapp (from The Orange Peels), John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)/Jim Ratts and Runaway Express plus lots more! $1.60 of the sales of each CD supports CancerCare.

Easy To Be Free: The Songs of Rick Nelson
Artist Spotlight - Liz Durret, "Try (Try To Fall In Love)"

Athens, GA singer/songwriter, Warm Recordings artist, and Vic Chesnutt collaborator, Liz Durrett makes her debut appearance on a Planting Seeds' compilation with her hypnotizing, heartfelt stripped down rendition of the the 1975 Rick Nelson single "Try (Try To Fall In Love)." Liz Durrett's debut record "Husk" (Warm recordings, 2005) met with instant critical acclaim. The LP was a collection of songs written and recorded between 1993 and 1996 as a teenager and produced by her uncle Vic Chesnutt. From the outset, the album showcases Durrett's maturity as a songwriter. That trend continues with her second and latest album "The Mezzanine" (Warm Recordings, 2006) once again produced by Vic Chesnutt. The LP is far removed from the Lo-Fi sounds of her debut - sonically enhancing Liz Durrett's unique sound.

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Freeheat are "Back on the Water"

At long last hereís the Freeheat album that almost never was. Exploding on to a hi-fi near you is the first full-length album from the band who count The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Gun Club and Earl Brutus amongst their pedigree. Featuring sessions recorded at the Mary Chainís infamous Drugstore, along with classic live tracks from the Paradiso, Amsterdam. "Back On The Water" (PSRCD-045) is guaranteed to thrill you to your rockíníroll core. The live moments are breathtaking and beautifully raw whilst Freeheatís studio exploration visits brisk distorted multi-layered melodic blasts of sound. Itís a stripped down affair but make no mistake, it reaffirms Jim Reid & Companyís knack for writing the timeless perfect pop song - think Andy Warhol and absinth or a new pop-art for the new century. The 17 track LP is Due out late Spring 2006 (Check back for official release date shortly). To Pre-order the CD please visit: Darla Records and For more information on Freeheat, please visit or for song samples. Jim Reid has also set up his place:

Track Listing: 1. Keep On Truckin' 2. What Goes Around* 3. Back on The Water* 4. The Story So Far* 5. Everything 6. Dead End Kids* 7. Get On Home 8. Facing Up To The Facts* 9. Shine On Little Star 10. Get On Home* 11. Down 12. The Two Of Us* 13. The Real Deal 14. Shine On Little Star* 15. Don't Look Back 16. K Moon* 17. Baby G2*

*Recorded Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam

In Other Freeheat News

With the release of "Back on The Water" later this spring, look for a promo only single - "Down" b/w "What Goes Around (Live)" to hit select college/indie radio shortly. Freeheat T-shirts + badges are also in the works. You'll be able to pick them up e xclusively via the new Planting Seeds Shop, which will be available also late Spring 2006.

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