PSR032 -Sunday Smoke Kit "Time Flies Like An Arrow...1998-2007" TBD
PSR042 - The Tamborines "Sally O'Gannon"EP OUT NOW
PSR045 - Freeheat "Back On The Water" OUT NOW
PSR046 - Various Artists "Easy To Be Free: The Songs Of Rick Nelson" OUT NOW
PSR047 - Linda Draper "Traces Of" OUT NOW
PSR048 - Linda Draper "Keepsake" LP OUT NOW
PSR049 - The Voyces "Kissing Like It's Love" OUT NOW
PSR050 - Various Artists "Seedlings" PROMO 6-songs
PSR052 - The Voyces "Top Of My Lungs" Digital EP OUT NOW
PSR053 - Pinkie "One More Minute With You" OUT NOW
PSR054 - Sunday Smoke Kit "Passing Shooting Stars Digital EP - 2011 Remastered." FALL 2011
PSR055 - Pinkie "Dreams, They'd Be There Too" 2010
PSR056 - Linda Draper "How Long" Digital EP OUT NOW
PSR057 - International Jetsetters "Heart Is Black" CDEP OUT NOW
PSR058 - Various Artists "Blue Skies Daisy Days" OUT NOW
PSR059 - Linda Draper "Bridge And Tunnel" OUT NOW
PSR060 - The Lovetones "Dimensions" OUT NOW
PSR061 - A.M. Vibe "Capricorno" OUT NOW
PSR062 - The Voyces "Let Me Die In Southern California" OUT NOW
PSR063 - Linda Draper "Pushing Up The Day" OUT NOW
PSR064 - Angel Dynamite - TBD Digital EP- TBA
PSR065 - The Young Sinclairs "We Spoke Our Minds" 7" 33 1/3 Vinyl EP OUT NOW
PSR066 - International Jetsetters "California" EP - Digital Download Exclusive - OUT TBD
PSR067 - Various Artists "Kaleidoscope Sounds" PSR Label Sampler - OUT NOW
PSR068 - Linda Draper "No Frills" November 2, 2010
PSR069 - The Lovetones "Lost" October 12, 2010 (September 28, 2010 digital)
PSR070 - The Young Sinclairs "Feel Bad" (December 7, 2010 digital re-issue; CD Reissue April 5, 2011)
PSR071 - Mark Crozer "There Is No Love" (February 14, 2011 - digital single)
PSR072 - Welcome To Peep World TBD digital single
PSR073 - Mark Crozer - "Shining Down On Me" OUT NOW - Digital Reissue
PSR074 - Mark Crozer - "Unnatural World" OUT NOW - Digital Reissue
PSR075 - The Young Sinclairs - "Don't Believe In Demos Vol. 1" digital LP - May 10, 2011)
PSR076 - Varioust Artists "Merry Christmas From Planting Seeds Records" **Free Digital Download EP**via PSR site (The Young Sinclairs/The Lovetones/Linda Draper etc)
PSR077 - Old Toy Trains "Electric Railway EP" May 17, 2011 - Digital release of Mind Expansion release ME 2034 (2010) including digital only bonus track.
PSR078 - The Young Sinclairs - "Indian Winter" digital reissue - January 2012
PSR079 - The Young Sinclairs - "O' Bummer" digital reissue - January 2012
PSR080 - The Young Sinclairs - "Tough Face" - February 2012

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