LAST RELEASE: "Blue Skies Daisy Days - Big Baby" CD (2009)

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FOR FANS OF: The Ladybug Transistor, The Essex Green, Elephant 6, Kindercore records

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett has been involved with many projects with Guppyoboy, The Sixth Great Lake, The Essex Green and The Ladybug Transistor. He writes songs, he plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, sings and records his own music. Those were the premises for his debut LP “Couches and Carpet,” released in May 2001. The LP, Barrett’s three year opus, instantly met with critical success and became Planting Seeds Records first best selling LP. “Couches and Carpets” intertwined the famed Elephant Six Collective style with the true mellow aesthetic of 60’s psych ala Neil Young and the Lovin Spoonfull with splashes of country pop. Since the release of the LP Michael has worked with Essex Green spin off project The Sixth Great Lake, releasing an LP on Kindercore records titled “Up The Country” (2002) as well as the beautiful vinyl only, 2004’s “Sunday Bridge” released on their own Tup Keewah Recordings imprint. Michael Barrett continues to record and has appeared on several of Planting Seeds’ compilations including the ever popular “Dreaming UP The Perfect Pop (2002) and 2004’s critical smash “Sunsets And Silhouettes.”

Couches & Carpet

Dreaming Up The Perfect Pop - “Dreamer”

Sunsets & Silhouettes - “Loving Arms”

Easy To Be Free: The Songs of Rick Nelson - “Nightime Lady”

Blue Skies Daisy Days - “Big Baby”