1. Astropop 3 - Lost in a Dream

  2. Marykate O'neil - Mundane Dream

  3. Ashley Park - Let's Go

  4. Xavier Pelleuf - Wisconsin

  5. The Dupont Circles - Heaven Holler

  6. Kleenex Girl Wonder - Reunited Airlines

  7. The Echo Orbiter - August Landscape Green

  8. Call and Response - Mr. Weatherman

  9. The Heavy Blinkers - Summer Won't Ask You Twice

  10. Souvenir - Je Tiens Ma Parole

  11. The Essex Green - Everything Is Green (alt. version)

  12. Paula Kelley - All Request Hour

  13. The Snow Fairies - Lonely Cartographer

  14. Winterbrief - Suburban Summer

  15. The Mockers - Sunflowers

  16. The Mendoza Line - The Kids Are Out

  17. Michael Barrett - Dreamer

  18. Fonda - Summer Land

  19. The Maybellines - Watermelon

  20. Dakota Suite - The Colour of Water

  21. Capsela - A Little Company


Various Artists
“Dreaming Up The Perfect Pop”

Released August 2002
Produced by the Planting Seeds Collective

The third compilation released via Planting Seeds. The LP was a sunny collection of indiepop from around the globe. 21 tracks in all! What originally was intended was 22 songs - the track that never was: Ivy spinoff band Paco were contributing the track "Zebra" - which incidentally was the scheduled lead off track - but licensing agreements never materialized. Nevertheless, the comp managed to attract hundreds of indiepop fans worldwide siting the record as "one of the best summer comps ever..."

All Music Guide / Fall 2002

The '60s-themed album cover images of three young girls with bouffant hairdos, bright floral-print sleeping bags, and a stack of 45s perfectly convey the essence of the giddy indie pop encompassed by the 21 songs on Dreaming Up the Perfect Pop. From the opening Lovin' Spoonful-flavored bop of Astropop 3's "Lost in a Dream" through the final electronic blip of Capsela's "A Little Company," the music on this Planting Seeds Records compilation seems to have flawlessly captured all the sparkling moments of an ideal summer day, albeit a summer day in the late '60s... read the full review

Delusions of Adequacy / 2002

Planting Seeds has put together a lovely compendium of great indie-pop artists on their latest sampler. You can get your copy just in time for summer when "bop bops" and handclaps do a lot to make the most of a pleasant day. The Virginia-based label has a diverse roster of artists that appear along with other label friends on the record, producing a wonderful pastiche of pop from every imaginable sub-genre... read the full review

Losing Today (UK)

The great thing about compilations is, if of course if they strike the right balance, they allow you to cherry pick the best bits. If the compiler has surpassed their duties of providing the right balance and has been conscientious enough they'd have done the cherry picking for you, leaving you to giving amiss to the tedium of searching through truckloads of 7" singles in the local record emporium hoping that you've picked the right ones only to get home and within 30 minutes realise why there were so many copies of each of them crammed at the front of the pile all attractively priced. 'Dreaming up the perfect pop' is aptly titled, providing a chance to window shop 21 of the sweetest sounds around at the moment... read the full review