1. CALL GIRL CANDY: Here Comes Alice

  2. OUTERSPACE: Almost Gold

  3. WALL OF PSYCHO: Taste The Floor

  4. SPY RING: Good For My Soul

  5. PAISLEY: Medley: Just Like Honey/Blues From A Gun/I Hate Rock & Roll

  6. SKYWAVE: Taste of Cindy

  7. DAKOTA: Deep One Perfect Morning

  8. ARIEL: Head On

  9. DRIFT: Never Understand

  10. JIVA: Everything's Alright When You're Down

  11. SWIFT: Nine Million Rainy Days

  12. LE VAINQUERE: Reverence

  13. TAG: Down On Me

  14. JESUS MAFIA: Birthday

  15. CURBFEELER: Between Planets

  16. E. FOUNDATION: Sowing Seeds

  17. SMOTHERED IN HUGS: Sugar Ray

  18. THE LIZZIES: The Perfect Crime

  19. SUNDAY SMOKE KIT: Don't Ever Change


Various Artists
“Some Candy Talking: A Fan Tribute to the Jesus and Mary Chain”

Released December 1999.
Executive Producers: William Hickey, Neil DelParto, Steve Frank, and Mark Renfro
Out of print.

Planting Seeds' first tribute LP, released at the tail end of 1999. The first release as the Planting Seeds collective, now featuring Steve Frank and Mark Renfro. The LP was a fan tribute featuring fans from around the globe in connection with an online Jesus & Mary Chain message board. The liner notes were penned by "Some Candy Talking" site creator Nina Talikka.

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