1. She Hath Traveled
  2. Fourth of July
  3. Thankfully
  4. Morning After Pill
  5. Friday Alone
  6. Western Skies
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Your Absence
  9. Sad Song #40
  10. Loneliness
  11. Shorehaven


Xavier Pelleuf
“Bad Night For Stars”

Released September 2003
Produced, Performed, and Engineered by Xavier Pelleuf

The second LP from Scott Meiggs' solo moniker. The LP was intended for release shortly after Xavier's debut "The Slow Fade Of Silver" ca. 2000-2001. However with the live line-up of the revived Sunday Smoke Kit, many of that period's tracks were released with the band's releases instead. Songs originally intended for that LP were "Passing Shooting Stars," "The Way You Wonder," "Purple Sage And Golden Bonsai," among others. Through the course of a couple of years, a new set of songs were collected originally to be released as "The Morning After Pill." Although the LP's title didn't stick, the track did, along with stand out cuts "She Hath Travelled," "Wisconsin" (which was also featured on the V/A "Dreaming Up The Pefect Pop) and "Fourth of July" - it's remixed version appears on "Sunsets and Silhouettes" courtesy of Alex Sharkey (Pinkie).

The Bee's Knees / #20 Spring 2004

Nostalgic Beatles-ish pop artist, XP (Xavier Pelleuf) uses "Bad Night For Stars" to tell a story. Influenced by Carol King, Nick Drake, and Joni Mitchell. You can sense sadness under the surface of this upbeat album, in the tradition of his influences. It might not excite you at first, but its definitely worth a second listen. - Caroline Kopco

Delusions of Adqequacy / January 12, 2004

"…a thinking man with a poet's tongue and a minstrel's touch…straightforward and sweet…whimsical flights of fancy. Not bad folk to cut your tooth on…" - Andy Hawkins