1. Touching Dragons
  2. I Don't Know Why
  3. Boredom and Afterglow
  4. The King of Bad Timing and Me
  5. Another Fallen Superhero
  6. I Love It When You Smile
  7. Near Mountain Lakes
  8. Hearing Santayana
  9. The Golden Age of Aspen 1973
  10. Theh Spell
  11. Where Do Angels Land?


Xavier Pelleuf
“The Slow Fade of Silver”

Released Spring 2000
Produced, Performed, and Engineered by Xavier Pelleuf

The Debut solo effort of singer/songwriter Scott Meiggs. The moniker "Xavier Pelleuf" originated in 1991 during Meiggs' "French phase." Many if not all of the tracks were written while Meiggs was living in Charlottesville, VA. The LP contains mostly vocal and acoustic arrangements. The "Xavier Pelleuf" project was meant as a bit of separation from Meiggs' other ongoing band Sunday Smoke Kit, minus percussion and louder instruments.

Splendid / July 3, 2000

Really thought The Slow Fade of Silver would be avant garde, averse to melody, and crashingly dull; so much for my intuition based on names. Instead, Xavier Pelleuf comes across like an East Coast Ben Barnett, and he does a mostly great job with this acoustic singer-songwriter fare. His choruses ("If there's a heaven, then I don't know why") tend to be ingrained with intelligent curiosity, and when you get parts of these songs wandering through your mind, you actually find yourself thinking. It's nice when anything in a song can drive you to do that. It's also nice when music can make you dance and move about, but it took me until "Hearing Santayana", the eighth track, for the album to strike my hips too. While Xavier is a great guitarist with a fine voice that keeps you on your toes, his gift for melody is only modest, to the point where you might wonder why you're listening to Xavier Pelleuf when there's so much else available. Still, if you're like me, you do, and when the question gets asked in his song, "Where Do Angels Land?", I'm pretty certain it won't on Xavier's CD. He's made good use of his musical gifts, creating an honest reflection of himself through song. - TD