1. Summer Land
  2. People and Stars


“Summer Land”

Released January 2001
Produced by Fonda
7-inch vinyl, 45 rpm

Fonda's "Summer Land" single was one of many Planting Seeds releases during 2001. After two stellar releases in "Music For Beginners" EP and "The Invisable Girl" LP, Fonda released the 7" single with Planting Seeds as the preview to the LP "The Strange and The familiar." The band featured David Newton of the Mighty Lemon Drops as producer and guitarist.

Splendid / March 19, 2001

Until Fonda's sophomore full-length, The Strange and the Familiar, arrives, this'll satisfy my Fonda fix. "Summer Land", previously available only on a costly import compilation, is vintage Fonda: simple, luscious, faintly psychedelic pop harmonies paired with Emily Cook's drool-worthy vocals. Longer and less bouncy than a typical throwaway pop track, it supports the theory that Fonda are the band that Lush could've, and perhaps should've, grown up to be. B-side "People and Stars" goes a different route with a male vocal -- presumably Dave Klotz behind the mic -- and sounds, in the best possible way, like My Bloody Valentine without the feedback. While neither of these songs are Grade-A Fonda, you can't go wrong with them. - GZ