1. Another Vibration
  2. All U Need It
  3. Blue Moon
  4. Message To Rudy
  5. -o 0 o-
  6. Nothing To Lose
  7. Stay
  8. Suicidal Bird
  9. Like A River
  10. Now Its Gonna Rain
  11. Listen To The Band
  12. React!


Rockets Red Glare
“Rockets Red Glare”

Unreleased, ©2001 The Rockets Red Glare
Produced Produced By The Rockets Red Glare
all songs by Bevacqua / Barnes
Idealistic Music, ASCAP (except 11 by Nesmith)

The Rockets Red Glare initially contributed to PSR's Monkees tribute with their rocking version of Michael Nesmith's "Listen To The Band." Along the way, talks were in place for a debut LP release, along with the single release of "Another Vibration." The bands ties with the Essex Green brought them into the Planting Seeds fold, since the band shared drummers (Tim Barnes) with them. After a period of a year or two, the LP was eventually shelved. A great LP that one day will see the light of day!

Unreleased, no reviews available.