1. I Love the Rain
  2. Down
  3. The Hardest Things Are Often The Simplest To Unwind (live)
  4. Purple Sage and Golden Bonsai (live)
  5. Western Skies (live)


Sunday Smoke Kit
“I Love the Rain”

Released March 2003
Produced by Sunday Smoke Kit & Mark Renfro

Following up 2001's critically acclaimed "Passing Shooting Stars" EP, "I Love The Rain" was another batch of solo material that made it's way onto the setlist of Sunday Smoke Kit's latest shows. The released version however features Meigg's on all intruments with the live band represented via Live tracks recorded at their post September 11, 2001 show. "The Hardest Thing Are Often The Simplest To Unwind" Live showcases the band soft beautiful side, in contrast to the 1997 released studio version. The cover photo of William Hickey was shot back in 1994.

Losing Today (UK) / October 17, 2003

Another band who it seems have been missing in action for a considerable while. Last heard on our hi fi with the superb 'Passing Shooting Stars' EP from a year or two ago. Five more slabs of stately spring morning tears in the eyes trembling pop, starting out with the shyly sweet lush acoustics of 'I love the rain', a resolutely heartbreaking ode that seems to mooch around looking for emotions to snare. 'Down' cautiously deals with the trials and tribulations of life aligned to a tasty artillery of cascading pastoral chords, idly cute and distantly dreamy. The last trio of tracks are all live cuts recorded way back in 2001, more innocent wide-eyed loveliness to lose yourself in featuring the tumbling coolness of 'The hardest things are often the simplest to unwind' and the gorgeously hazy lazy Jesus Mary Chain-esque 'Western Skies'. Can't go wrong really can you?