1. Forget Tomorrow
  2. Cubicles
  3. Nothing Without You
  4. Fade On Your Own
  5. Anything
  6. Never Seen the Sun
  7. Spytek
  8. Bubble Gum Breakup
  9. My Little Girl
  10. Our Forgotten Yesterdays


Astropop 3
“Allies & Stepping Stones”

Released January 2004
Produced by Dan Villanueva & Brad Rosenburg

The third LP in what Dan Villanueva calls "The Trilogy: the red, white and blue LP's." Allies and Stepping Stones was the first to be recorded with producer Brad Rosenberg. The LP began recording sessions in late 2001 with a cover of the unreleased Smoking Popes song "Midnight Moon" and sessions carried into mid 2003. Vocalist Angelique Everett had left the band in the fall of 2001 for a move to NYC. She makes an appearance throughout the LP with lead vocals ala "Bubblegum Break Up" and "Fade On Your Own, " along with background vocals. The LP was finally released in January 2004. The band celebrated with their CD release party, which would feature the last performance of drummer Wendell Nicholes.

Shredding Paper / March 3, 2005


Sounding much like a long lost Velocity Girl record in places, Astropop 3 mixes in some more atmospheric sounds between the jangly indie pop that dominates this, their third full length. I prefer the band when they hit their stride on the bouncy songs; "Fade On Your Own" is one of a couple of songs that feature Angelique Everett's winsome high pitched vocals, and the opening cut, "Forget Tomorrow" are among the two best indie pop songs I've heard this year. Hell, frankly, these are about the 10 best indie pop songs I've heard this year, they've got some great fuzzy guitar work, Danny Villanueva's vocals are in typically C86 flat but perfect for the songs, and when Angelique takes the mic, well, it's angelic for sure. I could gush about this for ages, but suffice it to say that anyone who digs C86 style pop will love this.