1. As The Story Goes
  2. Watch Your Step
  3. Airplane
  4. Tuesday
  5. La Lalala La
  6. Take Your Turn
  7. Dollhouse Town
  8. Gather Apart
  9. Get It To Go
  10. Lullabye
  11. Ricochet


Linda Draper

Released June 2006 (re-issue)
Produced by Kramer

The debut from Linda Draper originally self released in 2001 (L Draper Music). The first pairing of Linda Draper and producer Kramer. The album was repackaged with new artwork from Steve Frank and made in limited quantities for release July 2006.


This independently released album is a sparse effort, full of brittle harmonies and a no-nonsense approach to vocal and guitar; all that appears on the record. ‘As The Story Goes’ and ‘Watch Your Step’ both stroll in at mid-tempo, the former featuring layered chorus vocals. ‘Airplane’ is a somewhat fey affair (“Stars turn their headlights on”) while ‘La Lalala La’ features flashes of humour that re-appear on the wry ‘Take Your Turn’ (“sheep are counting their clones to sleep”). A sense of resignation or even desperation stalks ‘Gather Apart’ (“we’re all in the same boat, but sinking”) and ‘Get It To Go’, a highlight of the album (“Too bad I had to burn out long ago”). ‘Lullabye’ repeats the staccato style of ‘Take Your Turn’ and the album closes with the title track, another mid-tempo workout. Stark in its simplicity, ‘Ricochet’ is an honest, direct, album sustained by welcome touches of humour and unobtrusive production courtesy of Kramer. An intriguing and rewarding listen. - C. Donnelly (review from original 2001 release)