1. God & Holidays
  2. I Know Someone Will
  3. Your Last Great Line
  4. Wasting Time
  5. Fall Into Me
  6. Bayainaista!
  7. Break At The Seam
  8. Los Alamos
  9. Think About Me
  10. Pornostar


Sunday Smoke Kit
“Summer Dress”

Released May, 1999.
Produced by Xavier Pelleuf

The second LP once again recorded on Tascam 4 track between Virginia Beach, VA and Charlottesville, VA. The band this time out incorporated the bass playing of William Hickey. Featuring the now classic "Los Alamos" "I Know Someone Will" "God And Holidays" "Wasting Time" and others.

Splendid / September 13, 1999

It has taken me a while to really get into this CD. At first listen, the tunes just sort of floated by -- pretty, mellow and rather unremarkable. Slowly, though, after repeated hearings, they've made their way into my brain. There's a certain lazy, gentle vibe that permeates the whole CD, and each song has something in it -- a clever lyric, a pretty melody, a fuzzy guitar line -- that keeps my ears interested. I could criticize Sunday Smoke Kit for not being terribly adventurous, but that would probably be beside the point. They make nice sounding pop music, and they do it well. - IB