1. Disappear
  2. Where To Go
  3. Grandpa's Lament
  4. Holiday in Brazil
  5. Interstellar Secrets from the Cellar
  6. Do What You Like
  7. Last Night in the City
  8. The Glamour Snare
  9. Sister
  10. You Can Call Me
  11. Guinevere Today
  12. Girl Under Glass
  13. Sun (Will Keep On Shining)


“Suitcase & Umbrella”

Released January 2001
Produced by Jumprope and Ric Mosher

The only LP released via PSR from Boston based bossa nova/pop band Jumprope. Jumprope's connection with Planting Seeds originated while working on the "Through the Looking Glass" Monkees tribute LP. Although Pitchforkmedia.com panned "Suitcase and Umbrella," fans worldwide rejoiced at the band's unique blend of jazzy chords and sweet pop melodies.

Splendid / April 16, 2001

For a bunch of kids from Boston, Jumprope continue to do a good job of sounding Swedish. There's something delightfully relaxing about their mixture of lighter-than-air pop stylings, bossa nova undertones and breathy female vocals; you'll feel like you're relaxing on a beach somewhere exotic and sunny, or at the very least shopping at a very friendly Ikea. Of course, these are gentle songs, bursting with good-natured vocal harmonies, swelling keyboard fills and jangly guitars. Like the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, Club 8 or even the Cardigans, they won't register higher than a three on your handy rock-o-meter, but they're not overwhelmingly twee either. Ultimately, the bossa-nova lounge-pop scene is showing its age, and Jumprope doesn't say anything about the genre that hasn't been said before...but this is not a genre known for its philosophical heft. Like the best vacations, Suitcase and Umbrella manages to be light, enjoyable and pleasant -- in short, its modest expectations are well met. - GZ