1. Keep On Truckin'
  2. What Goes Around*
  3. Back on The Water*
  4. The Story So Far
  5. Everything
  6. Dead End Kids*
  7. Get On Home
  8. Facing Up To The Facts*
  9. Shine On Little Star
  10. Get On Home*
  11. Down
  12. The Two Of Us*
  13. The Real Deal
  14. Shine On Little Star*
  15. Don't Look Back
  16. K Moon*
  17. Baby G2*

*Recorded Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam


ďBack on the WaterĒ

Released June 13, 2006
Produced by Freeheat, Live tracks produced by Nicole Cremers and Engineered by Ronald Tribjer

Jim Reid, Ben Lurie, and Nick Sanderson of the Jesus & Mary Chain along with Romi Mori of Gun Glub. A new 17 track CD featuring live cuts + studio tracks recorded at the Mary Chain's Drugstore studio. At long last hereís the Freeheat album that almost never was. Exploding on to a hi-fi near you is the first full-length album from the band who count The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Gun Club and Earl Brutus amongst their pedigree.

Long awaited LP from these former Jesus & Mary Chain members. "Back On The Water" was a title Ben Lurie suggested, keeping the band's theme (see: 2002 EP "Retox"). Planting Seeds first involvment with the band started back in 1999 with the limited release of "Some Candy Talking: A Fan Tribute To The Jesus And Mary Chain." From there Freeheat contributed their acoustic version of "Back On The Water" to PSR's critically acclaimed "Sunsets and Silhouettes" compilation. An LP of tracks consisting of Live music recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdan along with studio tracks recorded in 1997 at Mary Chain's Drugstore.

Live tracks recorded at the live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam. Licensed from Dutch radio VPRO - for more information: http://3voor12.vpro.nl.

Highbias / July 20006

Though it arrives three years after the bandís dissolution, the debut record by Freeheat is a welcome presence. Formed by Jesus and Mary Chain members Jim Reid and Ben Lurie after that groupís untimely demise, with ex-Gun Club rhythm section Romi Mori and Nick Sanderson, Freeheat continues the Chainís legacy of brooding, fuzzed-out jangle pop. Back On the Water, which is half studio tracks and half live cuts, alternates between sweet and sour, enigmatic and blunt, fragile and forceful, just like its antecedents. Itís too bad Freeheat didnít last, as Back On the Water is an excellent continuance of the Chainís beloved sound. - Michael Toland