1. Passing Shooting Stars
  2. I Know Someone Will
  3. The Way You Wonder
  4. Strange Girl
  5. Los Alamos
  6. 6/13/2000


Sunday Smoke Kit
“Passing Shooting Stars”

Released Fall 2001
Produced by Xavier Pelleuf

The title track was originally recorded as new material for Scott's Xavier Pelleuf project. However, with Sunday Smoke Kit in full swing with a new line-up: Scott Meiggs (Vocals, Guitar), Neil DelParto (Drums), Mark Renfro (Bass), and Dan Villanueva (Lead Guitar), the band quickly issued "Passing Shooting Stars" along with two other newly recorded Meiggs' solo cuts and classic SSK tracks: "Los Alamos," "Strange Girl," and "I Know Someone Will." It remains one of the bands consistent releases and received critical acclaim via Dagger, All Music Guide, and Indie Spinzone to name a few.

The originally released commercial version of the CD featured a different cover designed by Planting Seeds' guy Kevin Corrie during his graphic design days in Washington, DC.  Meiggs and Co. later deemed the cover as inappropriate for the look and sound the band was going for.

Indie Spin Zone / 2001

While this band is basically the vehicle for singer/songwriter JS Meiggs it also includes Dan Villaneuva from Astropop 3 and the title track and first song does indeed remind me a bit of one of their kind of slow ballads. On the next track I Know Someone Will the direction takes a much more american (esp. southern) sounding tone and while normally that wouldn't appeal to me the songs melody is quite strong enough that I find I like it. The next cut The Way You Wonder is sort of more of the same and I think at this point I was looking for a cut to be a little more upbeat as this made three slow balladish songs in a row and this was the weakest of the three. My wish was granted on the next track Strange Girl which has some great guitar riffs in it and it is one of those mid-tempo pop songs with a lot of emotive drive that really impells itself well and is without question the best cut on this disc. The next track Los Alamos follows the earlier formula again with a decided 60's lilt to the affair but it is a pretty nice song with some magical guitar bits. The last track 06/13/2000 is a gentle and short talked affair with light backing and while this sort of thing often fails they manage to make it work. Overall, this is quite a nice little disc. I'd really like to see this band try to include a few more uptempo songs into their bag of tricks because a whole album of this sort of thing can get tiring (it isn't as "low key" as Harper Lee/Brighter by any means though). In this 6 song format however it never gets boring, and it has just enough variety and especially quality to catch your attention and it certainly has alot of good tracks to put on a comp CD for the car. Quite worth checking out.

Losing Today / November 20, 2001

Ready for some tasty guitar pop that's been borne through an eternity of listening to precious Sarah related releases, in the main those by the Orchids and Heavenly, then the six tracks that make up Sunday Smoke Kit's 'Passing Shooting Stars' EP should suitably fill that appetite. 'I know someone will' has a memorable side winding riff and a flavour to it that instantly recalls to mind Lloyd Cole and the Commotions and the Jesus and Mary Chain in reflective moods, an irresistible smokey filled song for cruising deserted dust tracks with the top down. 'Strange girl' packed with its Go Betweens worldliness and jangly guitars smoulders with twee like seduction, a perfect track to snuggle up to a loved one. Starting out sounding like the Bunnymen, 'Passing shooting stars' soon settles down into an achingly sensitive groove, faraway longing rub shoulders with bitter sweet melodies to create a timid torrent that you'll be whistling for days. Listening to the closing track '06/13/2000' with it's stripped bare nakedness being treated by tiny bursts of feedback distort, reminds you of being caught under a tree in a rainstorm on a summers day in that it's cool and fresh, but too damn short for it's own good.

Dagger / #31 Spring-Winter 2003

"6 nice, druggy hazy acoustic tunes…"