1. The Most Important Thing (Has Gone)
  2. The Milltown Sunflowers
  3. Naissance de la Folie
  4. Pillow


The Tamborines
“Dressed Up To Better Feel The Sun”

Produced by The Tamborines

With Planting Seeds contact with Brazilian Radio show "Radio Ultimo," (the show would eventually feature 30 minutes spotlighting Planting Seeds music) the station sent a CD with some upcoming Brazillian bands. Of the dozen or so bands on the CD, none shined brighter than the jangle folk pop of the Tamborines. Their debut CDEP mixed the 60's pop of the Byrds and the soft stylings of late 90's era Belle & Sebastian. Plans for the EP's release never fully materilized, however the band did briefly appear on PSR's promo only "Indie Pop Dance Party" ca. 2000

Unreleased, no reviews available