1. Thin Ice
  2. Snow White Trash Girl
  3. Retrograde
  4. Dear Anonymous
  5. Full Moon
  6. Hey Dante
  7. A Little Raven
  8. The One
  9. The Priest Who Looked Like Elvis
  10. Indifferent
  11. Disconnected


Linda Draper
“Snow White Trash Girl”

Released June 2006 (re-issue)
Produced by Kramer

Once again produced by Kramer, SWTG showcased the ever maturing songwriting of Linda Draper and it's also the first glimpse Planting Seeds Records got of this talented artist. The LP was originally released in 2002. This re-issue via Planting Seeds is also in limited quantities.

Splendid March 5, 2005

[ed note: the review that started it all!]

If Nick Drake had been happier -- and a chick -- he would've been Linda Draper. Think of Draper's chosen sub-genre as "folk-songstress meets feminist writer" (Anne Sexton during her fairy tale period, or Angela Carter with a smaller vocabulary) -- it's as accurate a picture as any. In Snow White Trash Girl, Draper trips over her words like little girls falling down hillsides while collecting buttercups: a little innocent, and a little too cute too be real, if it weren't for the grass stains and bruises. Her diction is perfectly clear, her tone sweet and musing, tasting her lyrics as she sings them. "So what if you are / snow white trash girl / you're a star," she sings in the title cut, and you feel she knows what it's like to be a Dundalk chick in love with some pampered rich boy from the Delaware side of Philly (or some similarly tentative and potentially humiliating experience). Simply accompanied throughout the disc by her own sparely strummed, raspy guitar, Draper's lyrics are mostly deft vignettes of the alienated, the odd and the disrespected. A clear and talented voice, intriguing and fresh lyrics, and accomplished instrumentation are seldom found in one package, but Draper has them all. She's even more refreshing because she's not the whiny Oprah of roiling emotion-type female singer/songwriter that many men, and more than a few women, find annoying as hell. If for that reason alone, do not miss her; you'll love her for her other merits with repeated listens. -- Jenn Sikes