1. So Happy
  2. I Think You Should Know
  3. Walk In The Rain
  4. You're Cool


Astropop 3
“So Happy EP”

Released October 1999
Produced by Dan Villanueva

On the heels of the band's critically acclaimed debut LP, the band released the "So Happy" EP in conjuntion with their appearance at the 1999 CMJ Festival. The EP also contains the first released version of "I Think You Should Know" recorded on 4 track with live backing track. Rounding out the EP are two "Our Star Blazers" era tracks, the previously unreleased "Walk In The Rain" along with the first appearance on CD of fan fave "You're Cool."


Guitars/Vocals: Dan Villanueva
Drums: Neil DelParto, Adam Rangal, Wendell Nicholes
Bass: Keith Vanetta
Vocals: Angelique Everett

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