1. The Lepers Companion
  2. Boats in a Sunken Ocean
  3. The Finished River
  4. David Electric
  5. Verdriet
  6. Sand Fools the Shoreline
  7. Lets Be On Our Own
  8. The Ferris Wheels of Winter
  9. We Made It Rain
  10. How Safe We Must Seem
  11. Pillows in the Water
  12. Matching Eyes and Hands
  13. The Space Around Your Sleeping
  14. Love Gun
  15. Stedelijk
  16. Matching Eyes and Hands (guitar/piano version)
  17. How Safe We Must Seem (demo)


Dakota Suite
“This River Only Brings Poison”

Released March 2003
Produced by Chris Hoosen and David Buxton

Leeds' Dakota Suite was first brought to the attentio of PSR via Scott Meiggs. With a listen to "Signal Hill" the folks at Planting Seeds became instant fans. When the time came to release another compilation, "Dreaming Up the Perfect Pop," ensured the inclusion of Chris Hoosen's "The Colour of Water." The LP "This River Only Brings Poison" soon followed released initially as an exclusive version which contained four bonus tracks. The Planting Seeds exclusive version later appeared in the Japanese market with the same track listing.

All Music Guide / 2003

British romantic-depressives Dakota Suite (basically singer/songwriter Chris Hooson and whoever else is in the room) recorded their third proper album - not counting two all-instrumental side projects - in San Francisco with Bruce Kaphan, former pedal steel player for American romantic-depressives American Music Club. Kaphan's familiar tones appear throughout the album, and AMC drummer Tim Mooney also guests on the less than half of the album that actually has percussion. The AMC parallels are obvious (though Hoosen is a less memorable lyricist than Mark Eitzel), particularly in the way the songs suggest country and folk music without sounding particularly country-ish or folky. Echoes of the ultra-atmospheric production and slowly unfolding arrangements of Bedhead or Low and the close-miked intimacy of 's Joe Pernice's solo albums also crop up in these 18 spare but hauntingly beautiful tracks. Those who insist on a certain set number of hooks per song will likely find this delicate set of tunes tough sledding, but This River Only Brings Poison is an initially challenging but ultimately luxuriant listen. This expanded U.S. edition adds four bonus tracks, two of them utterly lovely tunes from the aforementioned instrumental albums - Stewart Mason