1. Life
  2. All In Your Head
  3. All You Want Is Love


Astropop 3

Released May 9, 2006
Produced by Brad Rosenberg and Dan Villanueva

Astropop 3's Life single was originally concieved as a Dan Villanueva solo single/release. It morphed into the latest ap3 release also to coincide with the release of "Easy To Be Free: The Songs of Rick Nelson." The single's other two tracks were recorded and produced by Brad Rosenberg who, along with members of 1888, provide backing for the tracks.

Left Hip Magazine (Canada) / June 2006

Life, is title of the new ep from Astropop out now on Planting Seeds Records - also home to talented singer/songwriter Linda Draper. The album title comes from the first song, a cover of seminal LA country-rock artist Rick Nelson. The same recording also appears on a Planting Seeds tribute to Nelson, entitled, Easy To Be Free.

Apart from the easy, breezy sound of Astropop's take on Nelson's "Life", the remaining two song on the album sound recalls Elliott Smith and The Beatles, but there are some steel guitars thrown in that lend a touch of consistency to the subtle country-rock theme. Fans of Elliott Smith and Beatles will find this enjoyable listening. - Gordon B. Isnor