1. Intro
  2. You're The One
  3. Angel Like
  4. Stellar Lights
  5. Betrayed
  6. So Happy
  7. A Beautiful Girl
  8. Cheer Up
  9. China Doll
  10. Pretty Pillows
  11. She's Leaving
  12. Lullaby For…
  13. Phoenix Supersonic
  14. Goodbye
  15. Still No One


Astropop 3
“Astropop 3”

Released July 28, 1998.
Produced by Dan Villanueva

The debut release. A bit of this record was recorded back in summer of 1996, which was then intended as a four song 7" single release titled "Cheer Up." The release was scrapped with the departure of bass player William Hickey, and was held in the vaults for two years. The sessions picked up in the fall of 1997 with the recording of several new Villanueva tracks "Angel Like," "You're The One" and others. The final sessions for the LP were recorded in the early part of 1997. A slew of live performances in 1998-1999 were set in promotion of the first widely distributed Planting Seeds release.

CMJ / Fall 1999

"Bouncy, fun, and happy pop songs that beg to be danced to"

Dream Magazine / Spring 2000

Actual trio (as opposed to the mandatory tired irony) led by Dan Villanueva, who writes the songs and sings them as well as playing the guitars in front of Neil Delparto's drums and Keith Vanetta's bass. Very pop, as often upbeat, as it is melancholic. Dan is some kind of young pop wizard, like a slightly more shoegazing Ben Lee with a bit wider vocal range and less literary ambition, but just as emotionally honest, and gifted. Often dreamy post adolescent pop like early Chills, Bats, Luna, and Yo La Tengo at their sweetest. China Doll, Goodbye, Stellar Lights, Pretty Pillows, Angel Like, Lullaby For..., and Betrayed. - George Parsons

Mike Rabon (The Five Americans - writer of pop classic "Western Union" )

"...I was impressed by the succinctness and simplicity of the songs…flashes of excellence…"